December (4 entries)
18Review of meteor
20Updated article: New Apps on Old Glibc
20Updated savedir support on FAT
28Updated kbstate and a2dp-alsa

November (2 entries)
18Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3.0 is released
19Fatdog64 lives on

September (1 entries)
17Bluetooth support for Cubox-i

August (1 entries)
8MariaDB: Eat your cake and still have it

June (2 entries)
12Small web browser
12Javascript "Promise"

April (7 entries)
1Updated 32-bit compatibility SFS
1FatdogArm on Nexus 7
3Fatdog64 700 on Acer Iconia W500
5Making VirtualBox Guest Addition for Fatdog64, the easy way
20Misc updates - PSIP, FatdogArm, xlogin
22Fatdog64 701 is released
29mdview: a small, GTK-based markdown viewer

March (4 entries)
1xannonate/xscreenshot updated
25Never mind. I found one.
26Dual-boot Windows/Linux on Sony laptop with UEFI and Secure Boot
28SMP-enabled kernel for OLPC XO-4

February (3 entries)
5Maximum size of initramfs
13Fatdog64 700rc Release
25Fatdog64 700 is released

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