December (1 entries) no longer used.

October (7 entries)
1New article - Linux multi-seat
1FatdogArm Beta2 release
3Hardware-accelerated video playback on Odroid U2/U3
4Hardware-accelerated video playback on Odroid U2/U3 - part 2
63D hardware acceleration for cubox-i
8FatdogArm Beta2 sfs re-uploaded
28Fatdog64 700 beta2 is released

September (3 entries)
12Xscreenshot updated
15Fatdog64 700 beta1 is released.
271080p video playback on cubox-i

August (4 entries)
3Fatdog64 700 alpha1 is released
17Skype - please re-enable ALSA support!
17aufs - please support Mr. Okajima
25New URL for this blog

July (5 entries)
8FatdogArm on Cubox-i - update
8Alternative URL for this site
26Xannotate, a desktop annotation tool
27Xannotate updated

June (6 entries)
2Puppy Linux build script
3Puppy Linux build script - released
10End of the road for Fatdog64 600 series
12Updated links
12FatdogArm on Cubox-i
15Woof-CE Next Generation

May (2 entries)
11Early glimpse of Fatdog 700
14Fatdog64 631 released

April (2 entries)
18Happy Easter
30Running new application on older glibc

March (6 entries)
6Beware of dud flash drives
10Gearing for FatdogArm Beta1 release
10Puppy Linux lives!
11FatdogArm Beta1 is released.
13FatdogArm Beta1 kernel packages re-uploaded
24Musl Libc 1.0 is released

February (9 entries)
1FatdogArm Alpha4 for Odroid-U2 - fixed
9FatdogArm Beta reaches parity with Alpha4 today
11The way udev deprecates keymap
19Find duplicate files
25Food for thoughts
25Fatdog64 630 Final is released
25Connecting machines behind NATs
263D hardware acceleration on FatdogArm Beta
28Shady printing in cloudy weather

January (3 entries)
1FatdogArm Alpha4 for Odroid released
18FatdogArm Beta on XO-1.75
28Mobile friendly

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