Xscreenshot, a simple desktop screenshot tool

xscreenshot is a simple program to take a screenshot of a selected area of your desktop. You can run it to take a single screenshot, or run it in multiple-shots mode.

The single-shot mode is meant to be used with other hotkey programs (such as xbindkeys). In this mode, once you have taken your screenshot it will exit. This is the default mode.

In multiple-shot mode, xscreenshot will run until you tell it to exit. You can toggle between normal mode, or screenshot taking mode. In normal mode, the mouse can be used as normal (hence the name). In screenshot mode, you can take multiple screenshots, one after another.

In this mode, Xscreenshot also has "delayed" capture mode, activated with Shift-hotkey or Ctrl-hotkey. In delayed capture mode, after you press the key you have about 5 seconds to go about your business before the (fullscreen) snapshot is taken. This is useful if you want to capture snapshot of open menus, because usually menus will be closed when you press the hotkey. With delayed screenshot, you press the key, open the menu, and let capture do its work quietly a few seconds later.

Shift-hotkey captures the screen along with the mouse cursor. Ctrl-hotkey captures the screen without the mouse cursor.

The screenshot is saved as PNG file.

Xscreenshot is part of Xannotate.

Mouse buttons

Hotkeys (only for multiple mode)

Command line options

There are a few aspects of the program you can control by passing options.

 -h       : brief help
 -k key   : enable multiple-shots mode with 'key' as the hotkey
 -p path  : path/filename for screenshot (default is $HOME/xscreenshot)
 -n index : the starting index used for screenshot filename
 -d delay : delay for delayed fullscreen snapshot