World map stat counter update

It was over five years ago I wrote this stat counter (here and here).

The world has since moved on, IP addressed have changed hands (and locations), and even the database format has changed. If you still have a copy of the old MaxMind GeoLite database, the old program would still work but if you don't - well, MaxMind has deprecated the old database format as of January 2019 and you cannot get a copy of it anymore.

However, MaxMind still offers freely downloadable geo-IP database, in a slightly different format (GeoLite2). I have now updated the world map stat counter to work with this format.

You can get the updated sources (along with 32-bit statically compiled binary), here. The GeoLite2 database is here and you need a "converter" (to convert the CSV file from network format to integer-range format) here. Then read the original articles and you should be good to go. The v4 has "2" appended to all the programs - ipgeocode2, preprocess2, etc so they can co-exist with the older version if you so wish.

Posted on 8 Feb 2019, 12:32 - Categories: General
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