FatdogArm Alpha4 for Odroid-U2 - fixed

I had a major fumble. My instructions and the FatdogArm kernel package for U2 didn't work. The reasons are double whammy:
1. I built the latest u-boot, but that latest u-boot doesn't work on U2.
2. I gave the wrong instructions for installing the boot loader.

Both have been fixed now - I have updated the U2 kernel package with the latest working u-boot version (commit 286a81158f01dcb08e16d77790c21fd2a40afc6c) and I have also updated the boot-loader installation instructions: basically, do not use bs=1024 for U2.

Thanks for Mick who directed me to this conclusion. He also more or less confirms that Alpha4 works on U3 too (sort of - he's still testing it).

Posted on 1 Feb 2014, 5:29 - Categories: FatdogArm Linux Arm
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Posted on 1 Feb 2014, 8:31 by 01micko
"re Odroid build fixed"
I can indeed confirm that the new uboot image you provided does indeed work on Odriod-U3.

Thanks plenty for this amazing piece of software! Its a great complement to this amazing little piece of hardware.

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