FatdogArm on Odroid-U2 - take two

I really want to have console framebuffer on the Odroid.

So I spent quite a while to figure out what's wrong with console framebuffer. I wanted to know why the framebuffer works with X but not with fbcon.

First, I figured which driver provided the framebuffer functionality (not easy since /proc/fb doesn't show the driver name). Turned out it is "videobuf2-fb.c". Secondly, I traced the failing call from fbcon.c - this was one was quite straightforward, and brought me back to videobuf2-fb.c - and there lied the problem - videobuf2-fb.c checked for fbcon call and reject it (the line that did it was even commented that mmuch!). The check was actually for an init call from kernel space (which fbcon does).

Okay, so what happened if I allowed fbcon call to pass through? Various bad things happened - either the system didn't boot up at all; or, if I switched fbcon to use the framebuffer later, the system froze. Well I can't see anything when this is happening, so I have to hazard a guess: there must be some interlocking mutex between videobuf2-fb and fbcon. Enabling fbcon call to videobuf2-fb caused a deadlock somewhere. Without a serial console, things like these are very difficult to trace and debug - so that was the end of it.

Turned out all the above was a wild goose chase anyway. I was planning to upgrade to kernel 3.8, and now that I hit dead-end with that investigation, I decided to build it. Guess what? The hardkernel guys (or is it samsung itself? not sure) have fixed the framebuffer issue! The videobuf2-fb issue is still there; but there is a brand-new "exynos-drm" module that does the same job, but only better!

In fact, kernel 3.8 improves on other things: HDMI audio now works, alsa volume control now works ... three cheers for the hardkernel guys.

So yeah, looks like it will be smooth sailing from here.

Posted on 4 Dec 2013, 2:23 - Categories: FatdogArm Linux Arm
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