Fixing XO-4 touch input

I'm in a hurry, so here's a short summary.

FatdogArm works well on XO-4, except that it's touchscreen isn't working (but it works under Fedora Arm).

I have two touchscreen-capable drivers in FatdogArm: evdev, and xf86-input-tslib. Both are the latest versions. And as it happens, both have bugs preventing them to work.

a) evdev 2.8.1 (latest as of time of writing) has bugs, calling mtdev for unnecessarily. This bug is fixed by this commit. Fedora Arm doesn't encounter this bug because it uses an ancient version of evdev, version 2.7.3. Upgrading to the latest git version (commit 0f16065b00436c5df48af6e1d6a18e2ed27a12fd) fixes it.

b) xf86-input-tslib has bugs and its underlying tslib library has problems:
b1) input-tslib will crash because of missing xf86InputSetScreen. This function was removed from Xorg in 2011, so all that is needed is to comment it out. But I've already used Debian Sid patches for this, I wonder why they haven't included this fix in their patchset? (perhaps because it is seldom used at all?)

b2) tslib doesn't suport multitouch, so XO-4 input confuses it. Furthermore, XO-4 touch reports that it has BTN_TOUCH support but never generates one. There are multitouch patches for tslib lying around but they don't work.

So I went inside tslib and patch it to work with XO-4 driver (adding the appropriate event recognition to tslib - ABS_MT_PRESSURE, ABS_MT_TRACKING_ID, etc). It *does not* make tslib multitouch-capable, it only makes tslib works with touchscreen that uses multitouch drivers / protocol.

The patch fixes issues with XO-4 touchscreen but I believe that it isn't XO-4 specific - anyone with multitouch driver will meet similar problem sooner or later. I have sent the patch to tslib maintainer (Chris Larson) but in case you need it sooner, you can find the patch here.


With those, now both drivers work with XO-4 (and hopefully with others too). Whichever you choose to use is up to you. For now, I'm putting evdev as the default driver and removing xf86-input-tslib and tslib from the basesfs; however they are available in the repository.

Posted on 22 Sep 2013, 15:31 - Categories: FatdogArm Linux Arm XO
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