Media player done

I've built the media player - Xine - for Fatdog Arm, along with all the usual codecs etc. It plays SD video nicely upscaled to 720p, though I do notice some hesitation and a little stuttering on the more complex scenes. HD video not so good, the lag and frame drop is very noticeable. Please note that this is purely software rendering (using hardfloat and in some cases NEON optimisation); the A10 video acceleration is not used at all. All in all - not so bad for something that uses only 2 watts.

This is the final software package I planned for Fatdog Arm, after this I'm going to look at package management and Fatdog system scripts.

And one more thing - I bought a tablet for my mum which happens to use A10. I managed to boot that tablet - linux console and all - from the same boot image that I've been using for Mele (only changing the script.bin!). How exciting! I should attach a photo of that here.

Posted on 13 Aug 2013, 23:41 - Categories: FatdogArm Linux Arm
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