Fatdog64 621 is released

Belated announcement (my DSL was down), but anyway ...

Forum Announcement: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=698707#698707
Release Notes: http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/web/621.html
Get it from: http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/iso

Fatdog64 621 fixes the most annoying bugs from 620 - the "eject problem". Mostly a problem when you use a desktop with an optical drive that can be commanded to close its tray, as well as enabling panning to work properly.

It also has a new on-shutdown filesystem cleanup code which in theory should work identically if not better than before.

Other than that it is identical to 620 release - same kernel, same browser, same devx.

Posted on 15 May 2013, 17:22 - Categories: Fatdog64
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Posted on 25 May 2013, 19:23 by vaskozl
"Sleep issue"
Fatdog is wonderful and this great release makes it more so. Thank you very much for maintaining this great distribution!

I also have a small problem. When no savefile is loaded or the savefile is located on the hard disk my computer goes to sleep normally when the lid of the laptop is closed and then wakes up when the lid is opened. However, if the savefile is located on the usb thumb driver, when the lid is closed the screen turns black (just the color, it's still on) with an underscore cursor on the top left. It never seems to manage to suspend and the only way I can escape from that is by holding the power button. As I said this happens only when the savefile is loaded from the thumbdrive. I remember having to set a few seconds of waitdev in the boot paramers to get the thumb(flash) drive to be initialized so could something similar be going on here?

Thank you very much.

Posted on 27 May 2013, 19:15 by jamesbond
"Suspending with savefile on flash drive isn't supported yet"
You are very much welcome.

The suspend fails because it tries to unmount and release all USB drives, and it can't because in this case the flash drive is in-use and locked by the system. The reason why we need to release all USB drives before suspending is two-fold:
a) In the past, USB bus suspension didn't work correctly unless we turn it off altogether before suspension
b) When the computer wakes up, the USB flash drive device names may get re-assigned in no particular order (ie a /dev/sdb could become /dev/sdc), especially if you have multiple USB devices attached.

Things may have changed since the last time we look at it, so please bear with us; and we'll see what we can do. For the time being however you just need to note that suspending when you run with a savefile on flash drive isn't supported.


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