FatdogArm on Nexus 7

A kind gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous gave me an Asus Nexus 7 2012 ("grouper") last year so that I could put FatdogArm on it. Due to various circumstances, I was not able to look into it until very recently.

The same gentleman informed me that most of the works should have been done since Ubuntu team has managed to boot Ubuntu on it as early as 2013, and there was a development called Multirom that enables dual/multi-booting of various OS on Nexus 7, making it even more convenient.

Well, I was late to the game, but late is better than never. I finally had the chance to try to get it going. The Nexus 7 given to me was in a pristine condition, stock firmware, not rooted. So I upgraded it to Android Lollipop 5.1, rooted it, installed Multirom on it (manually). Perhaps I will write the steps a little later.
Then I grabbed Ubuntu Nexus 7 kernel and modified it for FatdogArm, and after some little tinkering, here is an image.

Framebuffer, framebuffer console, wifi, sound, touchscreen, USB-OTG all works thanks to Ubuntu hardwork of porting mainline kernel to support Nexus 7. I have not tested other devices (accelerometer, camera, compass, etc).

It is still early days but I hope I can upload a beta3 version of FatdogArm with basic support for the Nexus 7 (and the recently rebuild SMP kernel for XO-4) soon.

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Posted on 23 Aug 2015, 02:11 by wscarl
"Arm 64 bit"
The RK3368 64bits Octa core Cortex A53
built-in GPU is ASlogic 6110 is out and TV boxes using it.
The Aslogic S905 shall be out next month.


Posted on 23 Aug 2015, 02:32 by wscarl
"Arm 64 bit"
under $100 - PC is here in a tv box -if you need one to work with link above.

Posted on 16 Sep 2015, 23:00 by jamesbond
"Rockchip ... shudder shudder ..."
Thanks Carl. Interesting, but the problem is Rockchip is a very well known GPL violator (=very difficult to get the kernel source for many of its SoCs), although from here it looks like the entire Android SDK with kernel source is out for this thing. That being said, we still have the hurdle of getting the new image to the device (Windows required) and whether the boot loader is locked ...

They do have a very good performance/cost ratio lately, though.

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