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I have updated my links with some of the projects that I maintain. They are mainly small, old projects that use GTK2. Some of them have disappeared completely from the web, so I suppose I just publish them so people can grab the source if needed.

The one I've just worked on recently is Xarchiver. I have fixed on the bugs that cause crashing when command line parameters are used, I've also updated the rar module to work with the new unrar 5.x.

Posted on 12 Jun 2014, 4:37 - Categories: Linux General
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Posted on 1 Aug 2014, 9:54 by Doug_S_01
"fd64 full install!"
I am so far happy with fatdog64 but no full hd install I think is something people could really use - I do see people asking for it and some posts on how to do it, but ... they are so complicated! There are certain niches for non-frugal installs (lower memory req. etc). So hopefully you will decide to give fd64 users a full install like other puppies have.
Thanks for making fatdog!

Posted on 3 Aug 2014, 1:12 by jamesbond
" RE: fd64 full install"
Hi Doug,

I'm glad you like it, & thank you for your feedback. There are ways to reduce Fatdog64's memory footprint (e.g. the use of small initrd, etc), as well as lifting "restriction" of a save file (by using save directory) - all of which will give almost all the benefit of a full-install while still keeping the benefit of a frugal install.

But yes, having a true full install would be nicer, even - Fatdog would make a nice lightweight host or guest OS, for example (among others). This however will take some validation effort as Fatdog64 is designed from the ground-up to be frugally installed (most of the components assume that the layering filesystem is always in effect). We'll keep the idea in mind - but no promises for now.


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