Bluetooth support merged to Fatdog64

I merged bluetooth support to Fatdog64 today. The bluetooth support consist of cut-down versions of bluez and gnome-bluetooth, as well as a few support scripts not in those package.

Fatdog64's bluetooth support consists of the following:

a) supports bluetooth HID devices (mouse tested, keyboard may work too). You only need to pair them and they should work immediately.

b) supports audio-streaming (bluetooth speakers). After you pair them you need to enable them using Fatdog Default Soundcard settings available in Sound section of Fatdog Control Panel. Note that I have not tried two-way audio using a bluetooth headset.

c) supports dial-up 3G/GPRS bluetooth modems. To get this to work, first you need to pair them; then you need to detect the modem using Setup Bluetooth Modem in Network section of Fatdog Control Panel. After your modem has been set-up, you can use the Fatdog Dialer to make your call.

This is just a subset of the bluetooth stuff I figured out in here:

a) I decided to take out obexd (for sending and retrieving files from bluetooth devices), because currently it is only half-working (only sending works, while the more useful feature - receiving (e.g. pictures etc) - currently doesn't work).

b) I have also decided not to incorporate bluetooth PAN functionality as I don't have devices that supports doing that automatically (My trusted Nokia N900 can do that, but it needs manual configuration). Anyway, what is required for PAN to work as a client is just "pand --connect bluetooth-address" followed by "dhcpcd bnep0" - if the other end supports it. Setting up the other end to be the PAN master (PAN AP or PAN GN) is more complicated.

Posted on 8 Mar 2013, 18:18 - Categories: Fatdog64
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