The XOs have arrived

Good news comes in three. Firstly, I have finally managed to build Seamonkey 2.20 (see previous post). Then the day after, the first XO arrived. This one took almost 3 weeks to get to me, so I wasn't expecting the second XO to come soon (as it was posted only a few days before) - but it did, it came the day after the first XO!

Well, I've work cut for me now :) Together with the effort that mavrothal has already done for the XOs, expect FatdogArm to run on the XOs soon.

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FatdogArm on OLPC XO laptop

In my previous post I said:
In case you are wondering, I already have another target system for FatdogArm - all will be revealed in due time .

Well the cat is out of the bag: FatdogArm has been "adopted" by the Puppy_on_OLPC project to run on One Laptop Per Child - OLPC's XO laptop .

I have been working with mavrothal (forum member from Puppy Linux Forum). mavrothal is the key person and project lead for PuppyLinux XO (XOpup for short) project. XOpup is a modified version of Puppy Linux specially created to run on XO laptop.

When XO transitioned their laptops hardware from x86 (AMD Geode and VIA7-based) to ARM, the XOpup project went into slow-down because there were no Puppy Linux for the ARM platform (well, there was Puppy Lui for Mele and Puppy Sap6 but both were not updated for a long while); thus there was no base for build XOpup for ARM-based XO.

FatdogArm (and Fatdog) is a fork of Puppy Linux which still maintains the spirit and ideals of Puppy Linux; plus it tries to be SoC-agnostic as much as possible; thus it is a natural conclusion to use FatdogArm a base to continue XOpup - and the collaboration is born.

I am still waiting (and looking forward to!) the arrival of my XO-1.75 laptop, meanwhile mavrothal has gone forward and made FatdogArm to run on XO-4 laptop, here with a picture:

Exciting days afoot!

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